Welcome to the Chainama Adventist church website. A special welcome to all our visitors and newcomers. It is our prayer that you will Join the Church in putting Efforts Forth for the Rescue of Lost Humanity through participation by all!! ....

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Visiting our website or visiting our church we want you to feel part of the family. Please feel free to explore the different sections of this site and if you have any questions then it would be our delight for you to get in contact. The Chainama Adventist church is a family friendly church with services and activities for all the family.

Please see our events page for a full listing of activities.

Service Times:

Every Saturday:
Sabbath School from 08:30 hrs
Main service from 10:45 hrs
Bible study from 15:00 hrs

Every Friday:
Vespers from 17: 30hrs


Meet the Church Leadership

The District Pastor

Name: Rabson Chiyangaya

Cell Number: 0977510135

 The Serving Elders For 2014



Name: Enoch Kaputula

Position: Admin Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: 0950201288 


Name: James Munkanta

Position: Assistant Admin Elder
Email address:



Name: Japhet Hamuyuni
Position: Elder
Email Address: 
Cell Number: 0967044044


Name: Milton Nyati
Position: Elder
Email address:

Cell Number: 0977413714


Name: Muyunda Namushi

Position: Elder

Email address: muyunda2009@yahoo.com

Cell Number: 0979459231


Name: Hamaton Sitwala
Position: Elder
Email addresshsitwala@yahoo.com

Cell Number: 097741371


Name: Benaiah Akombwa
Position: Elder
Email address: benaiah_akombwa@yahoo.com

Cell Number: 0979693519




Name: Mwiya Wamunyima

Position: Communications Secretary

Cell Number: 0950004321 


Name: Mrs. Hazel Zulu

Position: Assistant Communications Secretary

Cell Number: 0979473284 

Name: Derrick J. Muneene

Email address: djmuneene@hotmail.com 

Cell Number: (+26) 0977-120679

Name: Joe Phiri

Email address: phirijoe26@yahoo.com

Cell Number: (+26) 0979-419665

Website Administrators


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The 28th April 2012, Church Building Emphasis

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